Xarxa de referència de R+D+i en Aqüicultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya: Promotor de la xarxa

Reference network of R+D+i in Aquaculture of the Government of Catalonia, accurate include:

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To be included in the Network of R+D+I in Aquaculture and will bring out the identification and dissemination of specific scientific and technological of the different research groups that make up the network, as well as the structuring, planning and achieving all kinds of projects of research, development of product/production process or innovation both at national and international level with the participation of business and/or multi-sector.

Important functions will be:

  1. Search of databases, both in terms of projects, companies, technology centres and universities and research centres.
  2. Follow-up of proposals for projects.
  3. Advice of new calls for grant applications from the various public administrations of interest to the networks.


A higher degree of bachelors in science, primarily in Biology, Marine Biology, Veterinary sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Agronomy etc.


  1. The title of doctor.
  2. L’ experience in the Aquaculture sector (technical department, new product development, R & D, quality, etc.), both in terms of product, production process and services.
  3. The knowledge of the programmes subsidised by the public administrations (regional, national and european), patents, planning and management of projects of R+D+i, of the range of technology of interest for the sector and of the legal aspects of the transfer of technology.
  4. Having designed, searched for partners and presented the projects to the different public administrations.
  5. Experience in management of R & D
  6. Command of Catalan and Spanish. High level of English.
  7. Ease of communication and capacity for initiative, creativity and team work.
  8. Availability to travel.
  9. Computers at a user level.

It offers:

Contract for work and service with a duration of 8 months with the possibility of continuity.

Remuneration depending on the experience and skills of the candidate-a.

Day at 37.5 hours per week.


Interested persons should send a CV, letter of motivation and economic expectations in electronic format to anebot@ub.edu,

BEFORE THE MAY 9, 2011 indicating the reference: DEVELOPER NETWORK AQUACULTURE