VIII Conference of Aquaculture on the South Atlantic Coast in Cartaya (Huelva)

On June 7th and 8th 2016 will be held the VIII Conference on Aquaculture on the South Atlantic Coast in Cartaya (Huelva), the town where is located the Centro IFAPA Agua del Pino, the main organizer of this conference.

The conference has a program that includes an opening conference, twenty presentations and two panel discussions and a poster competition. It will cover topics such as improving productivity, health and welfare in aquaculture, the importance of algae, aquaculture multitròfica and use of new technologies in food. It will review the state of Andalusia and southern Portugal aquaculture of fish and shellfish, both conventional systems of ecological guidelines to be proposed to save energy and aquaculture informed of recent and coming scientific events and educational activities and outreach. Expose the importance of cross-border cooperation and new regulatory measures aimed at simplifying administrative procedures for aquaculture operations and the administration of EU funds.

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