Research in phytoplankton toxic and biotoxines in the AWI (Bremerhaven)

Aprofitant la visita al nostre centre de l’investigador canadenc Allan Cembella hem programat el segunt seminari que porta com a titol:

“Recerca en fitoplàncton tòxic i biotoxines al AWI (Bremerhaven)”

Aquí teniu una petita mostra del seu ambit de recerca: Chemical Ecologist / Biological Oceanographer from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven. His research interests are phytoplankton ecophysiology; chemical ecology of marine protists; Harmful Algal Bloom research (SCOR-IOC GEOHAB Steering Committee, ICES WG on Harmful Algal Bloom Dynamics); marine microbial biotechnology; ecotoxicology and marine food webs; marine biotoxinology.

LLoc: IRTA-SCR, sale d’actes.

Time: 13.00 h