Project name: Improvement on the production in the early stages of marine aquaculture species through moderate and sustained exercise: methodology transfer and product valorization.

Acronym: Ictio-Activ

XRAq's groups involved:

(UB1) U. Barcelona:

Jaume Fernández-Borràs (I.P.)

Josefina Blasco

Antoni Ibarz

Joaquín Gutiérrez

Encarnación Capilla

Mª Isabel Navarro

(UPC) U. Politécnica Catalunya:

Joan Oca

Ingrid Masaló

(UAB2) U. Autònoma Barcelona :

Lluis Tort

María del Camino Fierro

Companies and other institutions collaborating in the project:

Sea bass and sea bream fry producers::

Tinamenor S.A.

Acuicultura Balear S.A. (Culmarex group)

Feed fish producers companies::


Brief description:

This project studies the technological transfer of research results in moderate and sustained exercise in sea bream (Sparus aurata) to the culture techniques of the aquaculture sector in order to improve its fry production: better growth rate and quality.

Three XRAq groups analyze the application of sustained swimming conditions on growth, feed conversion rate and physiological adaptation (UB1), management and hydrodynamic facilities (UPC) and the welfare of juveniles (UAB2).