Bad news for l’aquaculture Catalan

The productive sector of the fish farming in Catalonia is going through one of the most difficult moments of recent times. Several had been the companies with financial difficulties in the sector, reducing their number in a very significant way.

Lately it has received the news very surprising at the same time daunting. The group Proyecnova, with its flagship company Base Alive, the only hatchery salt of Catalonia with almost 30 years of experience, he declares in contest of creditors. This is without doubt one of the biggest losses, not to say the mayor, who has suffered in the sector of Catalan in the last few decades. From the Network we hope that very soon we can resolve these financial problems and the company resumes its productive activity.

On the other hand there have been news reports that suggest that the company Caviar Nacarii, a member of the group Neoelectra and one of the companies with the most successful of the Catalan producer, could follow the same path that Base Alive. The problem in this case is referring to the changes of direction that you are giving the Government in the area of renewable energy, which affects directly and indirectly many companies that of them depend. We hope that in this case can be solved positively, although by the time the news do not go in this direction.

In the end, a difficult situation that is hurting companies and in general to the sector of the aquaculture Catalan will try to flip the way that you go by the last time, working very much in favor of the scientific sector and production.

April 1, 2014