IEO closes the biological cycle of the Atlantic bluefin tuna in captivity

The Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) has achieved for the first time worldwide close the life cycle of the Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus)) in captivity.

This means that, for the first time documented, viable layings have been obtained from breedings born also in captivity.

It is a milestone in the world, after more than a decade working in the research of the species and forms in different projects and initiatives of the researchers, Aurelio Ortega, current head of aquaculture at IEO and Fernando de la Gándara, recently appointed director of the Oceanographic Centre of Murcia, that has had the collaboration of the Region of Murcia and several companies, essentially the group Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos.

According to the report from the IEO to misPeces, the layings were obtained on the night of the 1st of July in one of the cages at the aquaculture zone of San Pedro del Pinatar, belonging to Tuna Gras, belonging to Grupo Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos, in which he maintained housed breedings.

In total, about 50,000 fertile eggs have been obtain, that have been transported to the facilities of the IEO in Mazarrón where they hatch and larvae is under cultivation.

This milestone, indicates, "enable faster development of the integral aquaculture of this flagship species, consolidating the leadership that the IEO and the Murcia Region have in the domestication of bluefin tuna at European level and globally."

The IEO is also proceeding these days to move tuna born in captivity in 2015 up to the Installation for the Control of the Reproduction of the bluefin Tuna (ICRA), located in the ground, in Cartagena of Isla Plana. The aim of this installation is to get layings of this species in a controlled manner, extending the laying time and avoiding the presence of eggs from undesirable species.

The team of aquaculture of bluefin tuna of the IEO is currently developing several european projects and the National Plan of I + D + I, in which are involved the companies of the sector, highlighting a project RETOS collaboration, which has been requested recently with the company Piscifactorías Albaladejo and the resolution will be known in the coming weeks.