Conference “New advances in the control of reproduction in aquaculture” in Madrid

Next January 26th will take place at the Secretaría General de Pesca, Madrid the conference “New developments in the control of reproduction in aquaculture”, organized by the Cluster Acuiplus and the Plataforma Tecnológica Española de la Pesca y la Acuicultura (PTEPA).

Recently, we have been producing advances in the development and production of gonadotropines recombinant fish to control the reproductive processes in species cultivated high commercial interest. The objective of the seminar is “to introduce some cases of success in species such as sea bass, eel, flatfish Senegalese or the cherna, and delve into the practical applications and the business opportunities that these innovative methods may have on other species that are cultivated”.

The conference is aimed at companies in the sector aqüícola, technology partners and/or investors interested in the development and implementation of this technology at industrial level.

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