The pangash, fish cheap under suspicion

It is cheap and has no bones, so it is a good option for many families and also for the school canteens. This has become the pangash, a white fish that Europe imports mainly from Vietnam, in one of the most eaten in Spain. Specifically, the 2015 was the most sold. But this fish long time ago that has a bad reputation and is under suspicion.

Its scientific name is Pangasius Hypopthalmus, is a freshwater fish native to the far East. A long time ago that they're breeding in fish farming with success, and this has become its production in a flourishing industry, as it pays very well and she is getting fat quickly.

Suspicions of contamination on the fish and also caused by the production

The cause of the bad reputation is that this mass production is done in rivers highly contaminated, such as the Mekong of Vietnam, and there have been researchers who have claimed that it has a high content of toxic agents such as arsenic or antibiotics, and who have warned that a frequent consumption can expose you to serious diseases.

This has generated many questions about the mechanisms of control of farms where they are bred, and also critical to the impact that they have on the environment of these countries.

Carrefour is not on sell

The decision of the chain of supermarkets Carrefour not to sell n in Spain, France and Belgium, has rekindled all these misgivings. The company has said that it is a decision a preventive measure, primarily based on the pollution caused by their production, but have insisted that the food quality is “impeccable”. In spite of this, in Catalonia, grow the voices because the Government remove the school canteens, as was done in the Basque Country.

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