Course “Production aquapònica of food for human consumption” in Seville

The Higher Technical School of Engineering, Agronomical (ETSEA) of the University of Seville and the association Verdes del Sur, organise the first practical course of aquaponia or production aquapònica (joint production of fish and plants) in Spain, called: “PRODUCTION AQUAPÒNICA Of FOOD FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.”

Will be held intensively and face-to-face for 24 hours, between 23 and 26 November 2016. It will be a course eminently practical in that it has the 7 types of facilities acuapòniques who have already launched the ETSEA association, and the Green of the Sur. We will see the basics of the production aquapònica and how to design and implement an installation family, as well as the applications of the Aquaponia to produce food in a sustainable way, its use as an educational resource at universities and colleges, their commercial use, for leisure, etc ...

This course can be of interest both for teachers and for students, as well as for other people interested in the self-production of food, food sovereignty, or simply for the exciting challenge of daring to regulate a biological system as complex as is the aquapònic.

All the information about the course, in addition to the pre-registration and registration, can be found in the following link of the University of Seville: