Beques d inici to the research in memòria del Dr. JAVIER BENEDI BENITO per titulats upper

The Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies and the Foundation
University-Enterprise of the Balearic Islands convened two scholarships of initiation to the
research in memory of Dr. JAVIER BENEDI BENEDICT for graduates
Requirements of fellows:
-To be a higher degree of any university and have completed the
studies in the past two years, with preference to graduates in the last
year. Be in possession of an academic record superior to 1.5.
-Not having had any labour contract linked to the degree
-The scholarships are incompatible with any other help or contract labor
any type.
-Applications must be supported by a tutor, a member of a group of
research IMEDEA, which is responsible for the tutoring and the
Documentation to submit:
-Application addressed to the Sr. Director of IMEDEA.
-Curriculum vital, including their academic record.
-Affidavit where it is specified that there is no type of
contract of employment linked to university training, prior to or simultaneous
to the application for the scholarship.
-Endorsement of the request of a researcher member of a group of
research of the IMEDEA.
-Research proposal for an interdisciplinary environmental
a maximum of 3 pages.
Term of presentation of instances:
-From 1 June to 31 July.
Economic conditions:
-The trainee will receive the amount of 961 euros per month, of which will have been
deducting applicable taxes (2% of income TAX), the FUEIB
be paid directly to the trainee.
-The scholarship will have a duration of 3 months, from 1 October to 31
December 2012.
-The training and assessment of trainees will be conducted by the mentor assigned by the
IMEDEA. In case of improper behavior or lack of achievement
of the trainees, the IMEDEA you can get to rescind the scholarship.
-The status of a trainee does not imply employment relationship or statutory, with the
IMEDEA or with the FUEIB.
Regulation of work and research:
-With the aim of regulating the tasks of the trainee, will sign a document
annex where the fellow to express his acceptance of the conditions of this
scholarship contained in this document, in addition to that determined by the FUEIB.
-The FUEIB, will cover, through an insurance policy that is minimum equal to the insurance
school, accidents that could have fellows when they are in the
practices at the IMEDEA.
Obligations of the scholarship holders:
-Comply with the conditions of the call.
-Accept the rules and the internal regulations of the centre where are made the
-To devote himself full-time to fulfil the tasks that are
-The grantee agrees, in the case of a waiver, to communicate previously
in writing of the completion
of the scholarship.
-The fellow will give a seminar at the end of his work, in which
explain the results of the same.
-Once the scholarship is included in the web page of the IMEDEA, a
two-page summary of the project carried out as well as the description
overall the results obtained.
Selection of the scholarship recipients:
-The selection of fellows will be made by a commission formed by the
Vice-rector of Scientific Policy, the Director and the Deputy director of the IMEDEA.
Will be priority to those proposals whose research topic is
-The resolution of the call will be posted on the bulletin boards
the IMEDEA has its headquarters in Esporles and in the building Mateu Orfila and
on the internet at the following address and notified
personally to the interested party.
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