Monthly Archives: July 2016

IEO closes the biological cycle of the Atlantic bluefin tuna in captivity

The Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), has succeeded for the first time on a global scale to close the biological cycle of the Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus)) in captivity. This means that, for the first time documented, we have obtained important viable on the basis of players born also in captivity. It is a milestone worldwide, after...
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The new technological advances have allowed a significant decrease in the resources required for the production of microalgae. This can lead to an increase in the use of the microalgae in a wide range of applications, from food production to medical applications. The microalgae have a great potential for industrial biotechnology....
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There is still time to submit your abstract for AE2016

Remember to all the members of the XRAq that you are still in time to send your communications by congress Aquaculture Europe 2016 to be held next September in Edinburgh. The deadline of sending is on the 31st of July. More information: 07/07/16 ???
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