Monthly Archives: February 2016

Raising salmon with insects

It will still take a few years to be able to be bought, but towards 2020 the salmon of farmed fed, insects can be a reality in the refrigerator of the house. These insects would be produced in chain exclusively to meet the needs of nutrients of this fish. The reason? Avoid the predation of the seabed and of the species small...
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The tastier fishes are those who have had a good death

These last few years has increased ecological awareness. Assessing the products of proximity and concerned about the welfare of the animals we use for food, as well as the way they are slaughtered. However, often we do not ask ourselves how to die the fish of which we also feed. Giuliana Parisi and his collaborators at the University of...
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VI Iberian Congress of Ichthyology

Del 21 al 24 de juny se celebrarà a Múrcia el VI Congreso Ibérico de Ictiología, sota el títol "Ictiología: vocación por los peces del mar, los peces del río y la acuicultura". Els congressos de la SIBIC són fòrums biannuals dedicats a abordar reptes científics i de gestió relacionats amb diferents aspectes de la…
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