Sectoral meeting in Aquaculture

July 17, 2009

Last Friday, July 17, held a Sectoral Meeting in aquaculture organised by the Directorate-General for Fisheries and the Action of the Sea (DGPiAM) of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action (DAR) of the Generalitat of Catalonia in collaboration with the Network of Reference for R + D + I on Aquaculture (XRAq).

It is worth noting the assistance of some fifty participants, among them: Mr. Martí Sans, director general of the DGPiAM, the deputy director, Mr. Francesc Alcoverro, as well as the Head of Service of the Structures of Fisheries, Mr. Ramon Jordana and Mr. Jesus Gomez as the representative of the delegation of " GIVE in “Terres de l'ebre”. Mr. Salvador Maturana attended as a representative of the Department of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise (DIUE). Also, the meeting was attended by a significant number of Catalan producers, as well as researchers of the XRAq.

The meeting was useful and helpful to assess the status of the sector, the relationship and knowledge transfer in the field of research and the actions to perform in the immediate future. It emphasized the importance of collaborative work and the valorarització of the product of aquaculture. In this sense, they spoke of the priority to enhance the product quality, the need to identify the product with its origin and the possibilities of creating a brand.

This meeting aims to have continuity in the next appointment sectoral importance in the context of the Exporapita – Sant Carles de la Ràpita 14,15 and 16 of October – where it will be held in conjunction the II Symposium of Aquaculture of Catalonia, the Technical Days of the IRTA in Aquaculture, and the Conference of Therapeutics in fish farming.

Conclusions Sectoral Meeting


00 – Facilities Aquaculture – R. Jordana – DAR

01 – The Aquaculture in Catalonia – R. Jordana – DAR

02 – Control de la Reproduccio Fish – FPiferrer – ICM

03 – Analysis of the Production of Fish – C. Aguilera and F. Castelló – IRTA – UB

04 – Production of
Molluscs – M. Ramon – ICM IEO

05 – Facilities for Aquaculture – L. Reig – UPC

06 – Environment and Aquaculture – J. Field – ICM

07 – Energy Nutrition J. Fernández – UB

08 – Quality of the Flesh of the Fish Cultivation – J. Gutiérrez (UB)

09 – Welfare in Fish – Ii. Tort – UAB

10 – Pathology Fish and Molluscs – D. Furones – IRTA

10 – Pathology Fish and Molluscs – MCarrason – UAB

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