Own projects – Fundación biodiversidad 2011 – 2012

The XRAq has been the beneficiary of a grant 2011-2012 by “Biodiversity Foundation” to carry out a project called “The grouper: a threatened species. How to face its disappearance.”

This is consideredas a national interest project due to the grouper’s current critical situation and its populations’. There are three institutions involved in this project and each one of them is in charge of a part of it. These institutions are: IFAPA el Toruño, IEO Vigo and XRAq. In this project, XRAq is the leader and the coordinating body.

The long-term goal of this project is very ambitious: helping to maintain and enhance grouper’s natural populations using a tool that is very close to all the involvedgroups:the controlled reproduction. To achieve this ambitious goal, several actions need to be carried out. These actions go from the analysis of the current status of its wild populations, passing by the captive breeding with different techniques (masculinization, hormone induction, spermcryopreservation…) up to designing a protection baseline for threatened species based in a multidisciplinary approach.

In future editions, XRAq will continue trying to raise funds to help this emblematic species with the aquaculture as the main helping research tool.

More info: http://www.fundacion-biodiversidad.es/