Since 1997 XRAq has evolved from a mainly collaborative framework between research groups to a more integrated view, where technology transfer and collaboration of scientific groups with the aquaculture sector is of paramount importance.
XRAq objectives for 2008-2009 periods are:

Promotes top level research, development and innovation in aquaculture, in order to reach an optimal dimension of the Catalan system of Science and Technology through a multidisciplinary and transversal approach. As a result of this collaboration between XRAq groups there is a significant increase in critical mass.

The development of new projects in aquaculture, in order to obtain new products, services, methods or knowledge of interest for the Catalan social and economic environment.

Transfers services and technology, , disseminating XRAq research offer to the aquaculture sector, identifying areas of common interest to establish R&D and innovation projects, technical advise activities or other tasks were XRAq scientific community might be of value. In addition, a fast and effective result transfer should be guaranteed.

Promotes aquaculture R&D infrastructures, as well as supporting creation of services which involves the necessary technical equipment and highly professional teams in close collaboration with public and private investigation. Reinforces interactions with the IRTA Aquaculture Centre.

Gets external national or international funding resources. In addition, participates in national and international research networks and technological platforms, collaborating with other research groups with similar scientific interests.

Invests in personnel formation (researchers and highly qualified technicians) developing new techniques and methods of interest for companies and public research institutions.

Disseminates results of the XRAq research groups amongst all the interested sectors through publications, meetings and conferences.

Advise the Catalan Government and its organisms and institutions on aquaculture matters.