Administration and Institutions

One of the most common XRAq’stasks is advising the “Govern de Catalunya” and other public institutions in aquaculture matters.

All XRAq members and its direction team, have been consulted several times by Government and other public institutions on such evaluation research and business projects.

Contacts between the Network of Aquaculture Reference and local government are very common, so as to run to advise on issues in their field, such as:

Legislation about Fishing/aquaculture Tourism
Common Fisheries Policy (EU)
Conservation issues and mitigation of negative effects on the fluvial environment of the “El Fangar” and “elsAlfacs” bays.

A very good example of the quality of this kind of support to the administration is the fact that the Government of Catalonia has permanently hired monitoring programs and environmental control of all the Catalonian coastal waters, checking the water quality, toxic phytoplankton and shellfish in shellfish production areas.